The 2019 Swindon Go Tournament

(A Class "A" tournament)

Swindon Go Club will hold the twenty-first Swindon Open Go Tournament on Saturday the 28th of September 2019.

It will be a traditional 3 round McMahon, and there will be a self paired 13 x 13 tournament and a team tournament, with prizes for each. The overall winner will hold the National Power trophy for a year. There may also be a prize awarded by the organisers in an "undefined category"- most likely for somebody who has made the tournament more interesting somehow - but not necessarily; for example it could be youngest entrant, best helper, farthest away living competitor, or most handsome player. Well, OK, not the latter. But pretty much anything else. Anyone turning up in fancy dress (as recognised by the masses) will definitely get something commensurate with their effort. Casey Alexander won this category in 2009 primarily for having a huge pair of shorts.
Location: Swindon Conservative Club, 20 Bath Road, Swindon, SN1 4BA
Registration: 09.45 to 10.15.
Phone on the day: 07739 079552

The venue is the same as last year - the Swindon Conservative Club. It's nice. Free parking behind the club.

Food is available in the club, or in one of many local shops/pubs/cafes.

Time limits for the main tournament are 1 hour each, with first overtime of 20 stones in 5 minutes - then they get a bit weird; see the rules. The reason they get weird is to keep to time but still make Swindon a class A tournament for rating purposes. If you don't know what that means, you probably don't care, but basically it is given a higher weighting in the rating algorithm and your won games score you more (and your lost games lose you more!).

Registration - 09.45 to 10.15 (allows rail travel from London).
Welcome speech - 10.20
Clocks start for round 1 - 10.30
Round 2 - 13.30
Round 3 - 15.45
Prizegiving - 18.00
This is an aggressive schedule and may slip a bit, but don't bank on it - we usually keep close to the schedule.

Entry fees:
BGA members/overseas: £10.00
Non member surcharge: £2.00
Student/unwaged discount: £2.00
Entry-on-the-day surcharge: £2.00
Entries - by email or mail to , 122 Morrison Street , SWINDON, SN2 2EZ. Please state name, grade, club and entry category. Cheques should be payable to "Swindon Go Club". Please note, you can enter in advance and pay on the day without incurring the surcharge, the point is to get the entry into the computer in good time, and to get a feel for how much coffee and biscuits to buy. But please don't enter in advance unless you actually intend to come.

Subsidy for young players:
Those under 18 can apply for financial support for travel and other expenses from the Casteldine-Barnes trust. Contact us in the first instance.

Overnight floor space:
...for long distance travellers - might be available on request, but we'll need a little notice.


Rail: The start time should enable rail access prior to the close of registration. However, the tournament is uphill, more than a mile away from the station; it is walkable if you are fit and allow time, but a taxi is recommended. There are taxis outside the station. If passengers let us know that that is their mode of transport, we will try to arrange some way of them knowing of each other so that they can share a taxi, or we might even pick you up. Click here for rail times.

Coach: We don't know much about coaches, but you can click here for times and such. Taxis from the coach station may be elusive, but the rail station (hence taxis) is only 200 yards away.

Car: Recommended. Use your preferred satnav, or if you prefer a proper map, it's on the A4289 heading West from Swindon's Old Town, just past the big Methodist Church. There is plenty of parking space at the venue. If you get lost, ask for "Old Town", then ask for the Methodist Church, or even the Conservative Club.