Location of Swindon Go Club

On Wednesdays we meet at the Windmill pub...

Freshbrook Village Centre
Worsley Road



We're there from about 7.30; 8pm latest, until 11pm. They do good food and several good beers.

It's here, just off Junction 16 of the M4:

On Sundays we meet at the Beehive in central Swindon. The address is 55 Prospect Hill, Swindon, SN1 3JS. If you know Swindon at all, here's the description - go to Victoria Road, which is the link road from New Town up to Old Town. You need Cross Street; going down the hill, it is the last left turn before you hit curry roundabout. Going up the hill, it's the first right. Cross Street is only short; at the far end is the Beehive. You can park on the left or right (off road) just after you turn off Victoria Road onto Cross Street.

If you don't know Swindon, the postcode for maps/satnav is SN1 3JS. Here's a map. Victoria Road is a main road.