The club has a small library, with the following books (some reviewed):


Go for Beginners
- The classic introduction for non-players.

Opening Theory Made Easy
- Simple and clear book about the opening, for the less experienced

The Magic of Go
- Introduction for non-players.

Openings and Josekis

38 Basic Joseki
- Traditionally the place to start studying joseki. Good, clear, short, simple. With some exceptions tends to treat the joseki in isolation, which does lend focus on the joseki, but another book on fuseki is needed as a companion.

Dictionary of Basic Joseki
- 3 volumes, clear and comprehensive coverage. Reference work; not really for reading. Dated in a few places.

Modern Joseki and Fuseki, Volumes 1 and 2
- Heavy use of Japanese terms andwas only modern in the 1960s, but good for making you think.

The 3-3 Point Modern Opening Strategy
- Easy read

Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes
- Good and clear, but narrow focus. Has a few "Oh wow!" bits.

The Power of the Star Point
- About how to use or deal with stones on the 4-4 points. Includes josekis.

All About Joseki

Get Strong in the Opening

Get Strong at Joseki, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Middle game

Strategic Concepts of Go
- A bit heavy, but the content is good

All About Thickness
- Best book about this aspect of the game. Uses big clear diagrams (you have to see it!).

Reducing Territorial Frameworks
- Good clear treatment.

Life and Death
- The classic; systematic and accessible

Get Strong at Life & Death

Get Strong at Invading

Enclosure Josekis
- A good clear read

Kato's Attack and Kill
- All good clean fun

The Direction of Play
- Very good text on an elusive subject

Positional Judgment
- Clear explanation of a simple but much neglected aspect of the game

End game

The Endgame
- Good and clear. Probably worth an average of 10 points a game.

Monkey Jump Workshop
- Very narrow and deep focus; largely a reprint of BGJ articles from long ago. But good stuff.

General Technique

Attack and Defence
- A good read; widely considered one of the best

Basic Techniques of Go
- About the fundamentals, but heavy on use of Japanese terminology

The Second Book of Go
- Follows on from Basic Techniques; again heavy in use of Japanese terminology.

- Thoroughly excellent book; easy to read and easily applied to games.

The Vital Point of Go

Cross-cut Workshop
- Very narrow and deep focus; largely a reprint of BGJ articles from long ago. But good stuff.

Get Strong at Tesuji

Go Proverbs
- Easy reading; good stuff

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go
- Good clear read

Improve Your Intuition

The Best Play


Appreciating Famous Games
- In-depth treatment of 10 games. A good read for when you don't want to study.

Graded Go Problems for Beginners
- They are harder that it says on the cover

The Master of Go
- A novel

Handicap Go
- Good and clear; worth reading if you feel stronger than your handicap results suggest

The Art of Go Series, Volume 1

Test Your Go Strength

Japanese problem book (in Japanese)

Get strong at Handicap Go

First Kyu
- A novel

Masterpieces of Handicap Go Vol1&2

100 Challenging Go Problems for 100 Days of Study

The club also has a collection of older British Go Journals for loan/sale.