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The Swindon club has about ten members, and meets every Wednesday (with very rare exceptions) from around 7.30/8pm until pub closing time, at the Windmill pub, on the west side of Swindon, half a mile from Junction 16 of the M4. For directions, see location. It's quiet and comfortable, and we feel very welcome. Visitors to the club are always very welcome, especially newcomers to the game. There is no pressure to play - you are perfectly free to watch, talk, and drink (it is a pub!). Although the club is not a big one, it is quite active, and several members go to many of the tournaments held in various places around the country. We also hold an annual tournament in Swindon, each September, with entries from around the country and sometimes overseas. There are usually around 50 entries.

We also meet in the Beehive (pub) on Sunday nights, and when there is a bank holiday we often go for a curry afterwards and carry on playing there (the restaurant knows us and again, we feel very welcome!). The Beehive is much more of a drinkers' pub; riddled with closet intellectuals masquerading as drop-outs. It's noisier, but also more "lively" and friendly. It's locally famous, and deservedly so; this is the pub that sponsored a Czech philosopher to deliver a series of lectures to the regulars. Beginners are also very welcome there, if that atmosphere is more appealing to you. The club does not have a youth section as such, but we could probably work something out. You should be able to just turn up at the club, but to be safe it would be wise to check with Paul on 01793 692408 (home), or with David on 01793 521625 (home). You can also

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